What if the secret to your success is to actually be willing to die for your dreams?

Imagine what that would do for your motivation. Where the energy behind your vision of the future is so powerful, that you would literally be willing to die for it.

A story of motivation…

In the late-springtime, I was backpacking through Rocky Mountain National Park with a friend of mine.


It was a 14.6 mile hike in the middle of the wilderness.

Out of nowhere, we were standing face to face with one of the most dangerous animals on the planet; a mother moose trying to protect her kids.

What is it about that motherly instinct where she would lay her life down if it only meant to keep her children alive? Up until this point in my life, I’ve never felt that instinct to put something or someone else’s live before mine.

What was my natural instinct in that moment when that 900 pound moose was staring us down, ready to charge?

To save my own life…

  • Did I put that life of the moose in front of my own? No.
  • Did I put the life of my friend in front of my own? No.

At another time, I drove 95 miles per hour down city streets to shots fired calls when I worked in law enforcement. I’ve went into burning buildings as a firefighter. But when push comes to shove…my life comes first.

Until this one day…

I was hiking to the top of Mount Sanitas, in Boulder, Colorado with this girl…


When we were going off-trail and climbing down a steep and jagged edge, she slipped and almost lost her balance. I immediately offered to go in front of her to catch her if she fell.

And then she said to me, “No, you’re more important to this world than I am. If one of us dies here today, it’s going to be me.”

In that moment, I reflected back to the moment with the aggressive mother moose in the wilderness.

  • With my friend, my natural instinct would be to run and put myself first.
  • With this girl, my instinctual reaction would be to not even think, and I could see myself taking down that 900 pound moose with my bare hands, not caring if I die in the process, if it only meant to save her.

Motivational Strategies

As a survival mechanism built into our DNA, we run away from immediate pain and towards immediate pleasure.

Over the past two years, I’ve been through so much pain and struggle as an entrepreneur, that I virtually gave myself a Ph.D. in psychotherapy to get myself to the point where I no longer have any fears, I can thrive through the pain, and I don’t feel stressed ever…

That pain used to be my motivation, but now that the pain in my life is gone, what’s left?


I had no reason to be motivated. I had no reason to push forward with my life.

I had nothing to run towards.

In my 29 years of life, I’ve never felt feelings as strong as I felt with this one girl…

In Think and Grow Rich, he talks about how some of the most innovative and successful men on this planet harness the power of their desire for a woman, and this energy is the fuel that is the driving force behind their success.

  • If I make a million dollars? It would be nice…but that burning desires was never there.
  • If my book becomes a best seller? I’d be happy…but that burning desire isn’t there.
  • After my first business took off, I’ve traveled the country, and I’m about to travel the world…but the burning desire is not there to do any of these things. It’s fun, I’m happy…but there’es no energy behind it.

What compelling vision of the future are you running towards?

When studying successful people, they create a vision of their ideal future, and they step into it, running forward to make it theirs. They don’t run away from pain.

But that’s not enough…there is no fuel that is propelling them to go forward. Your emotions are fuel…but how powerful are they for you?

This burning desire is the fuel that feeds the fire…

Here I am, springtime in the foothills resting above Boulder, Colorado – hiking once a week with the girl of my dreams…the only person I truly loved in my entire life.

I wanted to date her…but she wasn’t interested yet.

She was a marathon runner, and I was overweight at the time. So my goal was to get into the best shape of my life, so I could be the type of man she wants to be with…

Long story short – the burning desire to be with her was stronger than anything I ever felt in my life.

No matter how tired I felt in the morning, I spent 4 hours every morning scaling the peak of the tallest mountain in Boulder. When a lightning storm was lighting up the sky and the hail was coming down…I still climbed the mountain through the storm…because my desire was so strong to be with her.

I allowed nothing get in my way.

No matter what happened in my life, I ran forward towards having what I want, and there was no other option except to push forward in one direction, every single moment of every single day.

The only option was success. I lost 45 pounds and got in the best shape of my life…and the motivation was not to lose weight at all…

Do you have this burning desire and un-shatterable focus for your goals and dreams in life?

For the two years before this, I lived a very comfortable life and I had no desire to run towards anything at all.

But then I discovered a motivation even stronger than my desire to be with her…

Up until this point, all this desire was bout what I wanted.

But then I thought about my instinct to put my life on the line, if she was the one with me in the wilderness, if it meant to protect her…because I loved her.


I was fighting for something beyond myself.

  • When she was going through some very intense emotional struggles in her life, I cleared my entire schedule and spent 48 hours writing a 20,000 word email teaching her everything over the years…simply to help her be happy
  • When she didn’t have money to pay rent, I built an entire website for her, just so she could be taken care of financially.

From those things, I expected nothing in return.

On the surface, those examples don’t seem like much – but the energy behind what I was doing, and with my burning passion, nothing could detract me from my purpose to help her.

Suddenly, I made a shift, and it was no longer about me at all.

My motivation was a twelve out of ten…because I was so passionate about doing these things…for something beyond myself.

Then I messed it all up, and she stopped talking to me…

And all of my motivation and drive went away.

All of a sudden, this goal that I set for myself, that I was running through storms and up mountains for – was too far out of reach, that it wasn’t worth fighting for anymore. If it was only within my reach again, I would start sprinting at all costs.

But it’s gone.

I tapped into the most powerful motivation that I’ve experience in my entire life. When I describe it to friends, they say they never felt anything this strong before…but now it’s gone.

That motivation was gone…and I couldn’t find anything to get it back.

What does it take to tap into that motivation that I only experience once in my life?

A few months back, I was doing some research into social movements, and learning different strategies other group use to creating a massive change in the world. I went to an animal rights activism group, and the same group that this girl from the video belongs too.

Two interesting observations:

1. The girl in this video is so passionate about animal rights and saving animals, that she charged the stage of a presidential candidate, potentially getting shot and killed by the secret service…if it only meant to save animal’s lives ( a purpose she puts as more important than herself).

2. Hilary is on stage, putting herself out there, risking getting killed for her purpose/goal in life. Putting the goal of the presidency…before herself.


In both instances, it was no longer about them as an individual.

The vision…the goal….the dream of the future was something beyond who they were as an individual, with a burning passion so strong, that they would literally die for their dreams.

When it comes back to motivation – A lot of times we don’t do the things that are uncomfortable or unknown to us. In the caveman days, if we stepped out of the comfort zone of the tribe, we would die.

Deeply rooted in your behavior, whether you logically think it or not, you have a fear that this new thing you need to do will lead to your death.

So you don’t do it.

You don’t do it, because in your mind..it might kill you.

But what if you’re willing to die for something so much stronger and more powerful than that unconscious fear of death?

Or do you sleep in when you need to get work done for your business. You stay on your couch instead of climbing a mountain or going to the gym.

What if you had this passion and burning purpose so strong, that you would die for your dreams….that purpose is so powerful that even the thought of death is less scary than the prospect of not making your dreams a reality.

Last night, we were talking about motivation and I ask my roommate “Would you die for anything?”

The answer was no.

He was complacent in life, and had no reason to push to that next level. He had no burning passion that was fueling him…so he remained stuck in the life he grew comfortable in.

There’s now this girl in my life that I love, and I would do anything for. I have a vision of my future living in a Lake Tahoe dream estate with this woman of my dreams, providing her everything she could ever dream of in life, and more.

In my vision, I have two things going for my motivation:

  1. The burning desire to have these things for myself – Living the life of my dreams with my perfect girl.
  2. The unconditional love for providing everything to a woman I would die for…

The blinders are on, and I’m prepared to face anything that comes my way to make this vision and a dream a reality…

Would you die for your dreams?

I honestly say I would, because I now have this passion and fuel back.

It’s a 2-3 year vision, and it’s far away, but I’m confident that with my drive and passion for it…it’s within reach.

It’s this burning drive that gets me out of bed early in the morning. To pour that extra pot of coffee when I’m feeling tired at night. And do all these things I previously didn’t want to do…because I discovered something so strong, that I will let nothing get in the way.

Rap artist 50 Cent has an album called “Get Rich or Die Trying”….and that’s kind of where I’m at with my life now.

I have this vision…this dream…and I’ll do literally anything to get there…or die trying.

I’m ready to make it mine.

And as I finish up this article, I just realized that there is still one simple piece that is missing from the puzzle….and I think I might know what it is…

Are you willing to die for your dreams?