This morning, I woke at 6:52 a.m. to the most breathtaking view of the French Alps.

My flight to Amsterdam took off ten minutes ago.

Welcome to my life…


I mean, can you blame me?

Two nights ago, I got on a midnight bus from Milan, Italy with a ticket for Geneva, Switzerland. It was a Croatian bus line, and five hours into the three and a half hour trip; the lady next to me told me in half-broken English that I’m on the wrong bus, and we are definitely not headed towards Geneva.

I try to look up Croatia on the map, but as usual, my cell phone service is not working.

Welcome to my life…

A few bus transfers later, I arrive to meet up with my friend who also happens to be visiting Geneva that day.


After dropping off my traveling backpack at her friends’ house – we take a bus ride, crossing the border into France, and spend most of the day hiking through the French Alps.

We spend our time talking about manifestation, quantum physics, and a whole lot of science that I don’t understand; because my life revolves around business, philosophy, and psychology.


On the way back from hiking, we meet up with a new friend who works at CERN (the large particle accelerator), and he gives us a private tour of the campus.


This  is the part of my journey where I began expanding my mind outside my realm of interest.

My ex-girlfriend is really big into science/engineering/math and talked about it a lot while we were together, but it never really struck an interest in me. I spent most of my adult life interested in business and personal development.

But as we were given the tour, our friend was talking about how when they planned to build CERN, they based a lot of their planning around technology that wouldn’t even exist for another 20 years.

It was a 20 year project in the making…

I immediately draw comparisons to my goals in business and life.

I used to build businesses and do things that would pay off in the short run, never thinking that far into the future.

Going forward in my journey, I’m now working on a business that will do well in the near future, but it’ll really evolve to it’s full potential 3-5 years into the future (and beyond).

Basically, my goal is to be an investor in meaningful businesses that change the world (education, health, clean energy, animal rights/the future of food, etc.). For the next couple of years, I’m building up a business training school, so I can combine personal development and practical skills training – to train some of the most highly-skilled, highly-motivated entrepreneurs in the world.

And when they graduate from my program, I’ll have a pool of tens of thousands of highly-qualified candidates to invest in. The best of the best.

So we can change the world together.

That’s the plan now – but the main thing I’m doing is building something now, that I know will fully blossom in 5-10 years.

I’m done building businesses to simply make a quick buck for a year or two.

By seeing major organizations like CERN make plans for 20 years in the future (and beyond), it gave me a whole new perspective on my business future.

The other lesson I took away is that even though science and business are two completely different worlds on the surface, there is always a deeper structure with hidden similarities between the two.

Whatever your focus is in life; try to expand outside your realm of expertise, look at the deeper structure between the two, because it’ll give you a whole new perspective in what you’re interested in.

Vegan Dinner

After we get back from touring CERN, walking past a few radiation signs, three cups of coffee, I’m still (barely) awake to go downtown for Vegan Pizza for dinner with my friend, her friend, and all the roommates.


We ride back from dinner listening to Swiss-German rap, and stay up until 2 in the morning taking shots of one of the most disgusting drinks I’ve ever drank in my entire life.

I set 3 alarms for a couple hours later to make certain that I don’t oversleep my flight to Amsterdam.

I overslept my flight to Amsterdam.

I book a flight to London, roll over and go back to sleep.

Three more days in Switzerland…

I think that’s my favorite part about the life I live.

As an internet entrepreneur, I don’t have to be at any specific location at any time. As long as I have a laptop and internet connection, I can work from anywhere.

With traveling recently, it’s easy to get caught up in living life; and putting off work for a couple days…so it’s not all rainbows and sunshine, as most people see through the photos I post on social media.

It takes work to live this lifestyle, with a lot of risk; but also a lot of reward.

My friends walk downstairs around noon and see me on my computer and give me that look that just screamed “Knew you were going to miss your flight.”

Switzerland is Expensive

  • $24 for a personal-sized vegan pizza.
  • $9 for a sandwich.

The following day, we tour the city, go out to dinner, and enjoy life for that day; before heading to tour the United Nations the following afternoon.

The United Nations


If getting into science opened up my narrow view of the world, going through the U.N. building took off all the blinders.

I remember the days where I used to stress about all the small things in life; thinking that if there was a traffic jam, or if they ran out of coffee at work; it was a big deal.

But being in the U.N. allowed me to realize what type of work they are doing there, to bring peace between different different nations.

World hunger, slavery, human trafficking, wars between nations, and a whole list of issues really made me re-consider what I really want to do with my life.

Over the past five years, I’ve learned a lot of great skills that can make an impact in the world. I learned how to be an entrepreneur/innovator, solving many problems for many people. I built a company that reached over a million people in the past few years. And I know so much about marketing, sales, personal development, negotiations, etc., that the combination of what I learned can play a role in helping with some larger issues in the world.

Up until now, I’ve been using them to turn a profit for a single business.

Visiting Switzerland really opened up my mind to a new reality.

  • Think greater beyond yourself.
  • Learn from different areas that you’re not familiar with.
  • Expand your worldview.
  • Make sure you’re on the correct bus when it’s the middle of the night in a foreign country.

Next stop: London.

Do something good for the world, because the world needs your support…


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