My name is Andrew Alexander and I am the founder of Limitless CEO Magazine. A lot of you have read my articles across the internet, and stories through this newsletter – Today, I’d like to let you in a little bit deeper into my life.


I decided what I want to do with my life…

In 2014 I built a magazine app company, which has since grown to 1 million downloads.

I ranked my apps on the app store, which allowed me to make money regardless if I worked or not. Doing what anybody in this position would naturally do; I quit my job and began to travel.

That’s what I’ve been striving for, for the longest time: Freedom.

The ability to be free.

To be able to pack everything I own into a car, and drive to a new city to live in – for 3-6 months at a time.

From 2014-2016 – I did that. I’ve been to countless national parks, I spent a week over the summer driving up the Pacific Coast Highway from Southern California to Seattle.

Climbed to the top of Rocky Mountain National Park.

The U.S. was my playground.

In late September 2016, I became more free – downsizing from everything that can fit in my Honda CR-V to everything that can fit in a 40L travel backpack, and decided to move to Granada, Spain to live for 3 months.

With the clothes in my backpack and my laptop and an internet connection – this freedom was here.

Freedom from possessions, freedom from belongings, freedom to travel.

My time in Granada was cut short due, and for the past two months, I traveled all across Europe – Sleeping in hostels, meeting so many new and amazing people. From luxury resort towns on the coast of the Mediterranean, rooftop bars, The Swiss Alps, pasta and wine in Milan, Italy, you name it.

Always on the move, racking up the life experiences.

I’ve made hundreds of friends all along the way, some with amazing experiences and travels that I am envious of.

Having some of the best experiences of my life, doing things I’ve never dreamed that I would be able to do.

What happens when you live your dreams?

I wrote another post similar to this the other week, where I realized I reached the point in my life where I already lived my dreams; but I didn’t know what I wanted to do next.

Today, I know exactly what comes next.

Last night, I was sitting around a dinner table with three amazing people that I met in this peaceful city of Alkmaar, Netherlands. I don’t understand Dutch, but when they started speaking in Dutch, I knew exactly what they were saying…I don’t know how to explain it, but for the first time since being here, I felt like I could fit in with this culture.

I’m genuinely interested in learning Dutch.

The people here are amazing, the atmosphere of the city is relaxing and calm. Today, I walked around the city, grabbing a cappuccino and traditional Dutch bakery-food for breakfast, I walked down the canals, past the windmills that are so famous in Holland.

I then went to a park that was filled with wildlife, and I stood there watching the animals, being fully grateful and happy for the life I live.

Someone who read one of my blog posts on the internet messaged me saying that he lives a few cities away, noticing that I’m in Alkmaar.

I look at his message on my phone and responded to him “Yeah! I’m here, I’ll type a detailed response when I get home.”

Did I just call this place home?


That’s what I’m looking for.

Whenever I meet anybody while traveling, they ask me where I’m from. The story has always been about as long as my explanation to you today. Born in New York, lived in countless U.S. cities, travel, etc.

My home?

The world is my home.

I’ve reached the point where I’m living my purpose and my passion with my business. I publish a magazine that helps entrepreneurs build their businesses and improve their life.

I own a training school that educates some of the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet. And tomorrow, I’m going to meet with an investor in the clean energy sector, to see if I can help provide my services to grow clean energy companies faster.

I’m completely happy and comfortable with who I’ve transformed into over the years, and the experiences I’ve had.

I am living my passion.

I’ve experienced that freedom, and it’s still here.

But this week, I decided what I want in my life now.

Those words that slipped out of my mouth by accident.


I’m ready to form deeper relationships with great friends, and to settle down with that special girl that will like me for…me. I’ve tried to chase before, and I’ve settled for less; and it wasn’t what I wanted.

Someone I can share this life with, and these experiences with, and just be happy with.

I’m traveling through a small city that I’ve never heard of until a few weeks ago, and without even thinking…I naturally called it…home.

I grew up on Long Island, New York – and never thought I would ever leave the island, except for a one or two week vacation.

And now I’m ready to move to a foreign country, and if that right girl appears in my life when I’m over here – perhaps we’ll call it…forever.

Let the next chapter of my journey continue.


Andrew Alexander

Founder of Limitless CEO Magazine

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