Have you ever reached that point in your life where you have all the things you wanted, but something just feels…missing?

I just wrapped up a two-year long road trip across the country.

From small town living in the deep South, the luxurious nightlife of Scottsdale, Arizona, to the endless drives through the Texas oil fields and prairies of Kansas, I was fortunate enough to experience it all.

My favorite part was spending a few weeks over the summer of 2015 driving up the Pacific Coast Highway, from the sunny beaches of Southern California through the Redwood Forest, all the way up to a small coastal town just outside of Seattle to spend 3 months sipping on coffee writing that book I always wanted to write.

After Seattle, I hiked through many of the national parks, spending my time filming motivational videos all across the country and inspiring others from my experiences.

That’s my passion: To inspire others. Because I still remember not only a few years ago, I graduated college into a recession, and hit one of those rock bottom’s in life where I felt stuck with no escape. I desperately needed someone to help me escape.

And then one day, I found that way out. But that is a topic for another article.

The reason I was able to experience these travels is because I spent two years of my life building a successful online business, and finally had all those things I’ve been chasing for so long:

  • My publishing company grew to 942,000 readers.
  • I’ve made the money, getting approved for a credit card with no limit.
  • I bought the new car.
  • I setup my business so I was making money, regardless if I worked or not.

When all the hard work finally paid off, I experienced that freedom that anybody could ever dream of.

But something was still missing…

No matter how much money I made or how many material possessions I acquired on the outside, something was still missing, on the inside.

  • Fulfilment.
  • Satisfaction.
  • Happiness.

In February of 2016, I packed up my car and hit the open road once again, this time back to the small mountainous town of Boulder, Colorado.

It’s something about the snow-capped foothills of the mountains as I drive up highway 36 to Boulder that just puts anyone in a calm, relaxed, and completely happy state of mind. It’s almost as if the entire city is wrapped in a bubble of energy.

Searching for this inner sense of fulfillment, there is no better place to be.

I began going to various meditation, natural energy, and spiritual retreats.

As I take off my shoes, about to walk into a group mediation session, I am greeted warmly by Kelley.

Kelley Neumann is an intuitive coach that helps guide others to discover their life purpose.

After the meditation, I spent some time talking to Kelley about what your purpose is, and how one goes about discovering what my purpose is.

What is your life purpose?

A couple weeks before meeting Kelly, I was reading a spiritual book that says your soul comes to this Earth many times over, and in between each of your lives, you are set out with a mission, or a life purpose.

Certain lessons you’re meant to learn for your spiritual evolution, or certain things you’re meant to contribute to this world as a whole, beyond yourself.

It was that beyond yourself part that captured my attention the most, because up until this point of my life, I chased all these material things that were for me. The fame, the fortune, the material possessions. All these things I was supposed to have in order to make me happy.

But I still wasn’t happy. I still wasn’t fulfilled.

“Before you can discover what your life purpose is, you have to realize what it isn’t.” Kelly began telling me.

You see, your entire life, others have instilled their values on you. The society you grew up in, your teachers, the government, the media, your family, and your peers all tell you how you’re supposed to live your life, and what should matter to you.

But what is it that you want? What are your core values?

  • What is it that you want to do?
  • What makes you excited?
  • What gets you out of bed in the morning?
  • What kind of contribution do you want to make in the world?

In order to discover your purpose, you’re going to have stop looking outside you, because in order to discover what truly makes you fulfilled and happy in life is to begin searching within.

I admit it, it must be hard at first because we have a natural tendency to want to please others and do the things others expect of me. But after doing that for so long, and reaching that destination of where I was supposed to go to in order to find happiness, there was no prize waiting for me at the finish line.

There was only that feeling of…emptiness.

Finding your purpose is an inside-out approach.

Instead of searching out there, people need to discover that they are creating their own purpose.

It begins to discover who you really are, and then moving towards a vocation or channel to express who you really are with the world. For some people, finding your purpose is being happy, living in the present moment, or serving others in a specific way.

Questions to ask yourself: “Everything I do is about ____________.”

If everything you do is about bringing joy and laughter to the world, then you can move on to discover how you can express that with others. Perhaps you can start a YouTube station filled with humor, or do stand-up comedy.

Once you find what you are really about, then you can discover how you can express it with the world.

“Finding your purpose begins with authentically knowing who you really are.”

-Kelley Neumann

What prevents you from discovering your purpose?

What a lot of people don’t realize is that they are their own creator (of their purpose).

But a lot of times things get in the way. Expectations, social values, past traumas, and other blockages. When you dig deep within yourself and work through these blockages, it allows you to fully connect with who you authentically are.

Once again, discovering your purpose is an inside-out approach. Your purpose is discovered from within.

Are you trying to discover your purpose from your mind? Or from some deeper place?

A lot of times we try to think of our what we really want, and we do so through our logical mind, which always has some type of thought or emotion get in the way. By learning how to reach a calmer state of peace and relaxation, it opens up the channels to connect with the part of you that has the answers you’re looking for.

Many people do this through mediation or spending time in the outdoors.

Enjoying the Journey.

After speaking with Kelley this one day, I began to embark on this inner journey.

I began journaling every morning, writing down the things I was grateful for, the things I did that made me fulfilled, and the changes I was passionate about making in the world. After weeks of doing so, I began discovering that I’ve had this passion and purpose all along: To inspire others through the struggles I once pushed through myself.

By going on this inner journey, discovering my Core Values, and expressing who I am with the world, authentically – I not only have reached the point of my entrepreneurial journey where I can still have all those things on the outside, but I am fulfilled on the inside.

When you are on the road that you enjoy walking long enough, you will soon realize that you don’t even care about getting to the destination, because you’re enjoying every step along the way.

Tips for discovering your purpose:

  • Stop looking “out there” and begin to search within.
  • What’s important to you? What gets you up in the morning? What are you excited about? What do you want to share with the world?
  • Don’t follow other people’s values.
  • Stop listening to your thoughts and start searching for a deeper place within.

To learn more about discovering your purpose, you can visit Kelley’s website and look into her intuitive coaching at www.Kelley-Neumann.com

Listen to the unedited version of the recording by clicking here.